The TDC Experience

Check out this video created by two TDC students to show what the camp experience is like!

TDC Lectures

In 2012 TDC recorded several lectures, mainly for the novice level, and posted them online for free. Here are several of the links:

Novice Demo Debate

Novice Intermediate Theory P1

Novice Meta-Ethics P1

The remaining videos can be found here on youtube.

Debate Rounds Online

TDC has posted several debate rounds from years past on its vimeo account located here. Rounds online include this one:


Several other debate institutions have also posted rounds online including:

The National Symposium for Debate on Youtube and on Weebly (the Youtube account is much more recently updated). This includes this round featuring two TDC alumni at the Strake  Jesuit (TDC) Invitational this year! Dino (Law Magnet DD) will also be joining TDC as staff in the summer of 2016.

Premier Debate also has videos located here. This example round includes Cameron McConway who is an alumnus of TDC and will be on staff in the summer of 2016: