Location and Housing


TDC lectures and labs will be held at the Texas Hillel at 2105 San Antonio St., Austin TX 78705 (across the street from the campus of the University of Texas at Austin). Holding the camp in this high-quality facility is made possible by the generous in-kind donation of the Texas Hillel.

Students and staff will be housed in dorms on the University of Texas at Austin campus (just a few blocks from classes!).

Questions About the Dorms?
In most cases, all camp participants will have one roommate and share a bathroom with another pair of roommates. Rooms have a refrigerator and a microwave. Participants should bring their own sheets, pillows, and blankets. Lunch and dinner will be provided but we recommend that you bring money for occasional supplemental meals as the camp food will not vary much from day to day. If you have more questions, there will be more detailed information e-mailed to you after your application has been accepted, when you’ll also be welcome to ask the camp directors more questions.