Faculty and Staff

TDC attracts some of the best senior staff and first-year instructors from around the country. We invest in the success and development of our faculty just as we do for our students. TDC is the only camp in the country that has a full-time Instructional Coordinator with the sole responsibility of observing lectures and labs and conducting professional development meetings with staff throughout camp. This is a unique aspect of the TDC experience for staff members and it provides accountability and a chance for growth as teachers. We take our teaching seriously because we believe that achieving our mission of giving everyone access to a competitive debate education requires the highest quality of teaching.

Here are the confirmed staff members for TDC 2016. Keep checking back for new additions!

Adam Brown

Kenyon College’20

ABrown 2016-10-2Adam debated for Episcopal High School in Houston, Texas for three years. He qualified to TFA State (twice), NSDA Nationals, and the TOC, appearing in outrounds of TFA State, and Nationals, and many national tournaments, ultimately receiving two bids to the TOC. This will be Adam’s third year at TDC and first as an instructor. He will be attending Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio in the fall, looking to double major in philosophy and English with a focus on post-modern philosophy and literature. As a debater and coach, Adam is especially interested in critical pedagogy, post-modern philosophy, argumentation strategy, and perceptual dominance. Outside of debate, Adam likes listening to music, skateboarding, reading, and hanging out with friends. 

Alex Yoakum

Emory University BA’19

13436175_1033941183354918_1581733204_nAlex Yoakum debated for 5 years starting in the 8th grade, and spent most of his high school debate career debating for Grapevine High School in Texas. He qualified to the TFA state tournament his sophomore, junior, and senior years, and finished his senior year by reaching octafinals at the state tournament. Alex was invited to the Greenhill Round Robin his junior and senior years, as well as the Bronx Round Robin his senior year. Alex qualified to the TOC his senior year by receiving bids at the Minneapple and Greenhill tournaments. He is planning to double major in philosophy and comparative literature at Emory University.


Andres Rosero

New York University’19

Andres graduated in 2015 from North Crowley High School. Andres debated LD Debate for 4 years while in high school, competing on the national circuit his last two years. Andres reached outrounds at various bid tournaments, including Harvard Westlake and the Sunvitational. He currently attends New York University, where he is pursuing a pre-law track through their Political Science program. At school, Andres is a member of the NYU Politics Society, the NYU Law Cooperative, and the NYU Philosophy club. Andres attended TDC all through high school, and he’s extremely excited to be back as a teacher.




Andy Werner

PhD (candidate), Philosophy, University of Chicago
BA, Philosophy, Amherst College

1016122_425872747520295_1405594003_nAndy is a doctoral candidate in Philosophy at the University of Chicago. He coached for the Hockaday College Prepatory School from 2011-2015, coaching students to finals of St. Mark’s, Greenhill, Apple Valley, and semifinals of the TOC. Over the past three summers he has helped train instructors at TDC; before that he designed the novice curriculum for TDC.


Becca Traber

PhD (candidate), Political Science, Yale University
BA, Political Science, Reed College

Ben Koh

New York University’17

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.39.43 AMBen Koh debated for 4 years at Loyola High School in Los Angeles where he was the team captain his senior year. His junior year he qualified to Nationals in policy debate and at-larged to the TOC in LD his senior year. He was the Head LD Coach at Byram Hills High School for three years and coaches privately. He has coached finalists at Scarsdale, Yale, the Penn Round Robin, and TOC as well as champions at Walt Whitman, the Ohio State Tournament, and NCFL Nationals. In his three years of coaching, he’s coached 5 TOC outround appearances, 12 TOC qualifications, and TOC outround participants every year. In addition to his role at TDC, he is the director of the Northeast division of the National Symposium for Debate, and is ultimately responsible for spelling errors on this website. 



Cameron McConway

UT Austin’20

IMG_1365Cameron debated for three years at Cy-Fair High School in Houston, Texas, qualifying for TFA state, NSDA nationals, and the TOC. She was invited to multiple round robins over the course of her career, including the Apple Valley RR, Hockaday RR, Strake Jesuit RR, and the Kandi King RR. She appeared in outrounds at a number of bid tournaments, earning bids at Isidore Newman and Harvard Westlake, and reaching semifinals at TFA state. This fall, Cameron will attend the University of Texas to study international relations. She is looking forward to teaching at TDC this summer as she greatly enjoyed her times there as a student!


Cassandra Lizardi

IMG_20160530_212011Cassandra graduated from the JBS Law Magnet having debated under the direction of Kris Wright for all 4 years and qualifying to the state tournament. She is a TDC alumni and dedicated volunteer for the Dallas Urban Debate League. 





Chris Kymn


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.01.51 AMChris Kymn debated for Loyola High School in Los Angeles for 4 years and was the TOC Finalist his senior year. In addition, he qualified to the TOC twice, and was champion at CPS, the Kandi King Round Robin, and USC. As a coach, he has coached three debaters to TOC outrounds, semifinalists at Blake and Harvard, finalists at Bronx Science, Scarsdale, and the Mid-America Cup, and the champion of Apple Valley.  He’s excited to teach at TDC for the second time!



Devin Race

BA, Philosophy, Yale University

1001038_425873200853583_609339013_nDevin debated for Westlake High School (Austin, TX). As a debater, he qualified twice to the Tournament of Champions and reached the semifinal round in the same year that he was champion and top speaker at the TFA State tournament. He placed 11th at NFL Nationals in 2009, and qualified to UIL 5A State as a sophomore, in 2007. He has coached for Stoneman Douglas High School, Marcus High School, and New Trier High School. His students have been in late outrounds of the Glenbrooks, St. Marks, Greenhill, Dowling Catholic, and the Tournament of Champions. Devin has also previously taught at the National Debate Forum (Boston, MA).




Dino De La O

University of Houston’20

IMG_0795Dino De La O debated for four years for Law Magnet in Dallas, Texas. He qualified to the TOC twice and accumulated a total of 7 bids his senior year. As a senior, Dino championed the UH tournament, reached quarters of Valley, and participated in the elimination rounds of every tournament he attended, including Greenhill, St. Marks, Glenbrooks, Harvard-Westlake, and Emory. He was also top speaker and a semi-finalist at Grapevine and Strake Jesuit. Outside of the TOC circuit, Dino qualified to TFA State three times and reached elimination rounds each year, placing 5th as a junior.


Jacob Ronkin

Duke University’20

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.22.09 PMJacob debated for NSU University School (FL) for five years and captained his team his senior year. He reached elimination rounds of various national tournaments, including Finals of Yale, Semifinals of Lexington, and Quarterfinals of Glenbrooks. In addition, he competed at various Round Robins, including the Apple Valley, Bronx, and Sunvitational Round Robins, and won the Crestian Round Robin. Jacob qualified to the TOC his senior year, receiving 6 bids that year, and he eventually reached the Runoff round. Jacob will attend Duke University in the fall. This will be Jacob’s third summer at TDC and first as an instructor. He is looking forward to another great summer!



John Sasso

Texas A&M’18

11350480_10152891431022253_3328981414991050920_nJohn debated for Strake Jesuit from 2010 to 2014 and qualifed to the TOC. He has reached elimination rounds of national tournaments including St. Mark’s, Emory, and the Sunvitational. He received 2 bids to the TOC his senior year and coached a TOC Double-Octafinalist in 2015. John is a TDC alumni and this will be his third year as an instructor.




JP Stuckert

Notre Dame’18

13334671_1368694959863893_498667456_oJP Stuckert debated for Strake Jesuit from 2010 to 2014 qualifying to TOC and TFA state. He once debated in front of Ben Koh. Since then he has coached several debaters including two who had positive records at TOC and his debaters have collectively had 8 bids to the TOC in two years. He currently attends the University of Notre Dame where he is Vice President of the Philosophy Club and is studying Economics and Liberal Studies.




Kris Wright

UT Austin, BA Government and Philosophy
UT Austin, MA Women and Gender Studies

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.21.35 PMKris Wright has been coaching debate for thirteen years, the first ten of which were exclusively in LD. In the past three years, Kris has also begun coaching Policy debate. Currently, Kris is the head coach of the Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet in Dallas, Texas, where he has coached students to qualify to the TOC in LD and Policy. Law Magnet students have reached outrounds of major national tournaments, including Greenhill, St. Marks, Mid-America Cup, Harvard, Glenbrooks, Harvard-Westlake, Emory, Sunvitational, Grapevine, Wake Forest, and Meadows. His students have also been invited to some of the nation’s most competitive round robins, including Greenhill (LD and Policy), College Prep (LD and Policy), Kandi King (LD), UT Austin (Policy), Voices (LD), University of Oklahoma (Policy), Sunvitational (LD), and Debate.LA. He has also coached multiple Law Magnet students to qualify to NSDA Nationals in both LD and Policy debate, and to outrounds of TFA State in both debate events. Kris has also taught camp at TDC, NDF, VBI, UTNIF, and Championship Group.

Before coaching and teaching full-time at the Law Magnet, Kris exclusively coached LD at Westlake (Austin), University School (Florida), Southlake, and Marcus High Schools. Kris’ debaters have consistently succeed on the local and national circuits. His students have reached finals of many TOC tournaments, won TFA State, reached semis of TFA State four other times, earned 2nd place at 5A UIL State, and placed 11th at NSDA Nationals multiple times. He has also coached multiple students to outrounds of the TOC. Kris’ LDers were also invited to the nation’s most competitive round robins: Greenhill, Stanford (2nd place), VBI (1st place), MBA, Bronx, Kandi King, and Harvard.

L’Aunjanee Carriere

UT Dallas’19

20160618_011247L’Aunjanee Carriere started her debate career as a freshman at the School of Government Law and Law Enforcement at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center. Under the instruction of Kris Wright,she frequently broke at local tournaments and held state points. The summer post-high school graduation, she participated in Worlds Debate and competed against people from different states as well as different countries. Currently she is obtaining her undergraduate degree in International Policial Economy with a minor in Economics. She is a member of Club Improv and is the event coordinator for UTD’s Black Student Alliance. She looks forward to teaching and is excited for the experience.

Leora Korn

University of Pennsylvania’20

13441738_725551060917699_1070048114_oLeora debated for four years for Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD in Lincoln-Douglas debate, and was the LD Captain her senior year. Leora earned a career total of 4 bids. She qualified to the TOC her senior year, receiving bids at Valley (reaching octofinals), at Apple Valley (reaching quarterfinals), and at Harvard (reaching octofinals). She also earned a bid to the TOC her junior year by reaching quarterfinals at Lexington. Leora competed in outrounds at every tournament she attended her senior year, and throughout her career at Woodward, Yale, Valley, Bronx, Apple Valley, Blake, Lexington, and Harvard. Leora has also competed in many other speech and debate events, including winning a PF tournament and qualifying to CFL states. Leora will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.




Lyndie Ho

Stanford University’20

13393211_643541602460344_1875775841_nLyndie Ho debated for four years at Flower Mound Marcus High School and now attends Stanford University. She has been an officer of the debate team since freshman year, and led the LD and PF teams since sophomore year. She also works for Access Debate in outreach and volunteer coordination. She has been a social media intern for TDC for the past two years, and is excited to contribute more to the community by lab leading this summer. Outside of debate, Lyndie likes science, swimming, and Sasso’s Spotify.





Mark Gorthey

Columbia University BA’17

IMG_4487Mark debated for Westlake High School in Austin on the local and national circuit, qualifying to TFA State and the TOC. As a coach, his students have reached outrounds of the TOC, and have championed or finaled at Yale, Valley, Bronx, Beltway, Apple Valley, Princeton, Blake, Lexington, Columbia, and the Lexington, Harvard, Hockaday, and Penn Round Robins.






Martin Sigalow

Emory University BA

TDC PICMartin Sigalow is a debate coach and teacher at Lake Highland Preparatory School. He graduated from Emory University in Atlanta and plans to attend law school. Fascinated by the many intricacies of argumentation and debate, Martin has taught many champions over many years.




Michael Corder

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.59.44 PMMichael debated 4 Years at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, Florida. Qualified to TOC both his Junior and Senior years and was co-captain his senior year. Cleared to semi-finals of Bronx, Octofinals of Mineapple, Emory, and Blake, and cleared to Double octo-finals of Yale and Valley. Michael has earned 6 career bids (Bronx, Mineapple, Valley, Emory, Blue Key, Berkley) and got to octas of TOC his senior year.



Michael Harris (TX)

UT Austin’17, BBA

1014323_425872887520281_1450275789_nMichael debated at Marcus High School in Texas for four years. During this time, he qualified to TFA three years, TOC his senior year, and UIL State his senior year. Michael received top speaker at the TOC for a micropol position against the harms of competitive debate. Michael now coaches for Access Debate and attends the Univeristy of Texas at Austin where he was a founding member of the Continental Philosophy Association. This will be Michael’s seventh year at TDC and he is very excited to return!





Neal Kapoor

New York University’20

IMG_0531Neal debated for Lake Highland Prep for four years and co-captained the team his senior year. He qualified to the TOC twice. Over the course of his career, he has accumulated nine bids, won Lexington, Scarsdale and the Sunvitational Round Robin, and was a semifinalist of the Glenbrooks, Valley and Yale. Neal most notably won the top speaker award at Valley and Bronx. In the fall, Neal will attend New York University.



Nolan Burdett

Paige Mackenzie

University of Chicago BS Mathematics and BA Economics ’16

mePaige MacKenzie debated for The College Preparatory School in Oakland, CA for four years. She competed primarily on the national circuit, reaching elimination rounds at most tournaments and qualified for the TOC twice. She coached debaters to happiness and success and taught at many camps including TDC. Paige graduated from the University of Chicago in 2016, where she studied Mathematics and Economics.






Ruben Delgado

Texas A&M University’19

13220713_1124163910968894_2273587490891365316_oRuben is not currently coaching. He previously was an assistant coach at the Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet, his Alma Mater. Over the course of his career he debated on both the national and state circuit, clearing in state and national tournaments alike. Ruben is pursuing a degree in teaching with a focus in reading & language arts and a minor in Gender Studies at Texas A&M University. This is his 2nd summer at TDC.



Sophia Caldera

Harvard College’19

image1Sophia debated for Walt Whitman High School on the local and national circuits for four years. She qualified to the TOC in her junior and senior years, and her outrounds appearances included finals of NCFLs in 2013 and Blake in 2014. This is her second summer at TDC; she also works at NSD. Sophia is currently studying at Harvard College, where she competes in parliamentary debate.



Terrence Lonam

University of Alabama BA’17

13401041_10209515021337861_114219034_n (1)Terrence is a coach for his alma mater, Lake Highland, where he debated for four years. As a student he earned nine TOC bids, won Lexington, and was a team captain his senior year. In three years, he has coached thirteen students to the TOC and to championships or finals at Badgerland, Beltway, Blue Key, Crestian, Florida States, Lexington, and Scarsdale as well as the Collegiate, Crestian, Harvard, Penn, and Sunvitational Round Robins. Terrence is also the Associate Director of the National Symposium for Debate. Outside of debate, Terrence is pursuing an interdisciplinary degree in Cultural Studies as a University Fellow at the University of Alabama.


Tillman Huett

Tom Evnen

Swarthmore College, BA
University of Chicago, MA

tom-evnenTom debated for four years for Lincoln Southeast High School in Nebraska. Tom twice cleared to elimination rounds at the Tournament of Champions. His senior year, he was a state champion and finalist at the TOC.

Tom has coached debate at the Hockaday School (TX), University School (FL), Oxbridge Academy (FL), and La Jolla (CA). Tom’s students have cleared to elimination rounds at the Tournament of Champions thirteen times, including four quarterfinalists and two semifinalists. Tom has also coached two students to championships and one to finals at NFL/NSDA Nationals. In addition, Tom’s students have reached finals or won championships at Apple Valley, Blake, Bronx, the Bronx round robin, Emory, Greenhill, the Greenhill round robin, Harvard, Stanford, Valley, and Yale.


Tyler Sullivan

UT Austin’15

1002275_425872830853620_1813674733_nTyler graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in English and Philosophy. Before that, he debated for four years at Salado High School in Texas, and attended the TOC his senior year (2011). He has coached students at Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet, Salado, and Westlake to success on the local and national level. Several of his students qualified to the Texas state tournament, many of whom reached out-rounds. His students have also been invited to prominent Round Robins and have qualified to the TOC.




Administrative Staff:

Ken Posner

A. Marina Guerra

IMG_1831Marina is originally from Kansas City, MO where she attended St. Teresa’s Academy. From there she ventured to Texas where she attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth to study Neuroscience. Following college she took a position at UT Southwestern Medical Center to do research in Molecular Genetics. Tired of spending her days with research mice, she chose a new career path, teaching. After joining Teach for America, she chose to continue teaching high school science beyond her commitment and recently completed her Master’s in Educational Leadership from Southern Methodist University. She currently works as a Science Instructional Coach at Seagoville High School in Dallas ISD. Marina has no debate experience but she’s excited to learn!


Stephen Renzi

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.08.53 AMStephen joins TDC for his fifth summer working as longtime administrator.  Through the 2000s Stephen served as a policy debate coach at Valley High School in West Des Moines, Iowa and earned a BA at Drake University.  When he’s not at TDC he works at Brooks Brothers.