Summer Institutes

FEATURE Tom and Charlotte

TDC was a fantastic experience. I couldn’t have picked a better way, better people, and a better organization to spend two weeks withI came to TDC feeling confident but wary of my upcoming final year of debate. I’m leaving TDC filled with a drive to compete and win while also being aware of the work it will take in this already hard year to achieve my goals. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

TDC 2018 will be held from July 29-August 11. Registration is now open

The TDC Institutes
TDC runs two summer debate institutes, one for debaters and one for coaches. Both are staffed by the best debate teachers in the country and both offer scholarships for those who qualify that reduce or eliminate the cost of attending. In 2015, TDC gave away 43 scholarships for a total of $64,500 because we believe that low-income debaters should have access to the same elite education as those students who can afford to pay our tuition.

Why Debate Camp?
Summer camp is essential for learning competitive debate. Every nationally successful debater goes to a camp. It is the debate world’s equivalent of a top college or research university where the staff work with each other to develop the cutting edge ideas in their field and work with the students to develop the next generation of thinkers and leaders. TDC takes teachers and debaters to that next level, whether they have already gotten to elimination rounds at the Tournament of Champions or are just starting to learn debate.