Business Sponsorship

We welcome the support of businesses in our community and beyond! Your support will be recognized during our camp, which brings together 80 high school students, 30 staff members (mostly college age, full range is ~18-35), and 90-160 parents when they pick up check-in materials and drop off their children. The 2016 camp will be held near the University of Texas campus on June 19-July 2.

Contact Devin Race, TDC President, at if you are interested in any of the sponsorship or advertising opportunities at TDC!

Sponsorship Opportunities
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so your contribution in sponsorship will be fully tax-deductible. We recognize our sponsors in many ways:

Logo on our T-Shirt
$500: Champion Sponsor
$200: Supporter

All students and staff are given t-shirts. Everyone is required to wear the t-shirts on the first day. Many continue to wear them after that and at their high schools and colleges to show their support for our organization. There are spots for 4 Champion Sponsors and 9 supporters.

Full-Camp Announcement
At the full-camp meetings held at the beginning and end of the camp, we will thank you and announce your business name and (if you’d like) slogan/tagline.

Logo in Check-in Packet
This recognition is included when you sponsor in any other way
All students and parents receive a packet of check-in materials that will include your business logo (plus slogan if you’d like).

Advertising Opportunities
Unlike sponsorship recognitions, advertising is a purchase of space at the camp to be used for business purposes. Purchase of advertising is not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution, though you will likely be able to deduct it as a business expense.

Marketing Materials in Check-in Packet
$200 per sheet/brochure
All 80 students and 90-160 parents will be given a flyer, brochure, or booklet that you provide along with their registration materials at the start of camp. It is the responsibility of the business to provide us with marketing materials.

You will have up to 5 minutes to present about your business or announce a deal at a meeting of all students and staff, then you can pass out any marketing materials and set up a tabling for the hour before and after the presentation. We find that these events are most successful when the sponsor also chooses to provide snacks or a meal. This can be at the opening or closing meeting, or during any of our daily 1.5 hour lunch breaks.